Parking violations handled


Step 1:
Want to know how many parking tickets the city has against you?
We can get you a parking violations print out.

Do you need to renew your registration, but can't because the DMV says you are scofflaw?
We can get a POVB print out for you.


- Copy of registration
- Copy of NY state license and the plate number

IT’S EASY INC. FEE: $65.00

Time of Process:
will be ready the next day

Step 2: 

Once we have your report and know how much PVB says that you have to pay, a certified check or cash
($3.00 per day interest is assumed each day it is not paid so include the extra money in the total) will be required. 

IT’S EASY INC. FEE: additional $40.00 ($105.00 total)

Time of Process:
We take the money and go back to PVB and get them a clearance notice. They need this proof of payment and for the DMV when their registration is held up. To pay the tickets and get a clearance where indicated

Click here for example of the six acceptable points of ID

(Prices are subject to change)

Ship everything to: 
It's Easy Inc.
Attn: Passport Department
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Concourse Level