Transferring license plates from one car to another car in NY



  • Title signed over or MSO signed over
  • Original NY state insurance card
  • Bill of sale
  • Clear copy of the NY state driver’s license or 6 points of ID as previously mentioned
  • Copy of registration or plate number


If bought from a dealer:

  • Odometer statement
  • Copy of the registration for the plates to put on the new car or plate number
  • Check to DMV left open or the equivalent amount of cash. Transfer in NY is approximately $185 and sales tax if applicable takes next day.


IT’S EASY INC. FEE: $45.00

Click here for example of the six acceptable points of ID
(Prices are subject to change)

Ship everything to: 
It's Easy Inc.
Attn: Passport Department
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Concourse Level