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Passport Forms

Application Purpose
Application for U.S. Passport
  • Adult First Time
  • Lost/Stolen Passport
  • Child (Under 16 yrs. old)
Adding Pages
  • Add extra pages to your existing passport
Lost/Stolen Passport
  • Adult Lost/Stolen Passport
  • Child Lost/Stolen Passport
Passport Renewal
  • Adult Passport Renewals
Mutilated Passport
  • Current passport has been damaged or mutilated.
Extending a Passport
  • Extending limited validity passport for additional years.
Second Valid Passport
  • Need a second valid passport due to the nature of your travel
Letter of Authorization
  • It's Easy, Inc. Authorization Form
Should be used with all Adult/Child Passport Applications that are signed at an acceptance agent .


1) Download and fill out the Letter of Authorization for children under 16


Legal Document Forms

Application Purpose
Death Certificate
  • Death Certificate Application and Requirements
Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate Application and Requirements
Divorce Records Authorization Letter
  • It's Easy, Inc. Authorization Form

Authorization form will give It's Easy, Inc. representative permission to access your divorce records.


International Driving Permit Form

Application Purpose

International Driving Permit Application

  • Special driving licence that allows motorists to drive vehicles in other countries.

It's Easy, Inc. Order Forms

Application Purpose

It's Easy, Inc. Passport Order Form

  • Include this form with all Passport Orders
It's Easy, Inc. Visa Order Form
  • Include this form with all Visa Orders


Helpful Links

Web Site
Information Provided
Passport Acceptance Facility
  • Find the closest location of an Acceptace Agent that will verify required passport documents and signatures.

U.S. Department of State - Travel

  • Useful Travel Information
U.S. Embassy & Consulates
  • U.S. Embassy and Consulates
Currency Converter
  • Foreign Exchange Rates and Conversions
World Weather
  • International Weather Reports
Travel Warnings
  • Current Travel Warnings
Traveler's Health
  • Traveler's Health and Safety Issues